Peshawar’s Saddar mobile market catches horrific fire

PESHAWAR: Firefighters busy in trying to extinguish fire in Mobile Plaza in Peshawar Sadar has engulfed the entire building, According to current reports, the cause of the fire in the plaza is being attributed to mobile batteries. INP PHOTO by Hussain Ali

A dreadful fire has been blazing for the past seven hours, originating at the mobile market located in the Sadar neighborhood of Peshawar, while firefighting efforts are in full swing, with the assistance of 26 fire department trucks and 130 dedicated firemen.

60% of the third-level fire has been put out, indicating that the difficult operation was successful.

Fueled by exploding mobile batteries, the fire quickly spread throughout the plaza after starting in the Time Centre basement shops as a result of a short circuit.

There are 200 kiosks in the Time Centre that are devoted to mobile shops, batteries, and repair services. Four bowsers and snorkelers were sent in to help fight the fire because of how intense it was.

Together with Tarman Rescue, emergency services from Mardan, Nowshera, Charsadda, and Khyber have been fighting the fire. Despite the difficult conditions, the rescuers were able to save four people who were originally trapped within the structure.

As part of the emergency response, neighboring houses were evacuated to limit the number of casualties. Fortunately, no deaths have been reported as of yet, according to a spokesman for the rescue operations, Bilal Ahmad Faizi. Additional safety precautions include having the army and other security agencies present at the scene.

Updates will be given as the firefighting operation continues. The situation is being closely monitored. The fire’s origin in a densely populated mobile market has presented unique challenges, but the coordinated efforts of the firefighting teams and emergency services have made substantial progress in containing the blaze.

The authorities haven’t declared any compensation for the victims of the incident yet.