Women from Kohistan and Torghar to contest polls on PTI ticket

 On Monday Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chose to field its female candidates in the upcoming polls. The ultraconservative Kohistan and Torghar districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would now see a diverse contest in the next general elections on February 8.

The PTI Women Wing Divisional General Secretary Shakeela Rabbani said the party doesn’t claim to be a champion of women’s rights but has realistically shown their dedication towards women empowerment, as its women nominees have filed their nomination papers on PTI founder Imran Khan’s suggestion.

“We have filed our nomination papers in the districts of Kohistan and Torghar,” Rabbani stated during an interview with reporters on Sunday.

For the first time in nation’s history, female candidates were included in the lists of contestants for the seats of Torghar and Kohistan districts. Each candidate’s nomination papers were approved by the returning officers (ROs).

Rabbani has been participating in general elections from the tribal belt of Mansehra district NA-41 Torghar, and the RO of that constituency gave her a clean chit to sail in electioneering from here.

From the tribal area of Mansehra district NA-41 Torghar, Rabbani is taking part in the general elections. The RO of that constituency granted her the green signal to begin campaigning from this time on.

In KP-33 of Kolai-Palas (Kohistan), Momina Basit, a member of the PTI central governing body, is also a candidate; her nomination papers have also been approved by the relevant RO. Her party’s other leaders, Tehmina Faheem and Rina Anwar, have also filed their nomination papers from that constituency.

“We have the distinction of having our women’s chapter in Upper Kohistan, which is a record and its president Rina Anwar, a daughter of soil, stands among PTI’s probable list to find an opportunity to run from here,” she claimed.

“Our leader Imran Khan asked us [women] to file nomination papers in Kohistan and Torghar,” she stated.

According to Rabbani, her party is seeking to give adequate attention  to issues faced by the women who live in these isolated areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

She further illustrated that the goal of enacting significant political change in the nation would remain unattainable unless women ran for general assembly seats.