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Women skill centre set up in Mohmand

The Mashal Library, the first-ever private lab set up in the combined tribal districts, created a skill-learning centre for women on Friday. The centre is intended to teach impoverished women various skills. The Peace, Education, and Development Foundation (PEADF) has also donated books and guaranteed him of continued support to construct a comprehensive library in the impoverished tribal area. The reading room “Mashaal Library” was started years ago by the student Najeebullah Mohmand.  He was a fourth year student in government degree college at Eka Ghund when he laid the foundation of this library.

“We have started the Mashal Skills Centre for Women with our limited resources, and the centre will see improvements in the future,” stated Najibullah Mohmand, the center’s coordinator. The centre was established in Michnai Bhai Kaur, a neglected neighbourhood of Ekkaghund tehsil.

At first, he added, the centre would teach needlework, sewing, bag and handbag creation, and faux jewellery production.

Najibullah said he had also donated land for expansion of the skill centre, where a separate building would be constructed for it, while in future it would be expanded to other tribal districts.

He said in near future the skills centre would be converted into a university.

In the Shaheed Banda neighbourhood of Mohmand Agency, hundreds of girls who pass their elementary school examinations are compelled to drop out of school since there are no middle or high schools. Although a primary school for girls was established in 2007 and a primary school for boys was completed in 1980, the majority of kids in the area are unable to pursue higher education because there are no middle or high schools in the area. Women’s participation in the electoral process has reportedly increased from 2013 onward. The trend is women education is expected to increase in the coming future. 

In an effort to advance education in these regions, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government announced a year ago that it had finished more than 150 institutions, including elementary and high schools, in the districts of Bajaur, Mohmand, and Khyber tribal.