WSSP employees protest non-payment of salaries

To demand the release of salaries, the All Municipal Workers Union of Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP) has established a protest camp outside the WSSP Headquarters.

Riaz Khan, Abid Sohail, and other office-holders referred to the government’s failure to pay wages as a criminal act and threatened to halt garbage collection in the entire city if they were not paid salaries immediately.

Additionally, they warned that if their demands were not met, the protesting workers may stop providing water to the general public. They claimed that for the previous six months, the employees had not received their pay on schedule.

They claimed that the chief executive was not abiding by the court’s ruling or the jirga’s decision, which was mediated by the district administration.

They said that the jirga meeting conducted at the Deputy Commissioner Office had decided that the requests of the employees were fair and would be satisfied shortly. The ruling, however, has not yet been put into effect, they said. They said the company’s management had no pity for the employees who were struggling to make ends meet. They recommended cutting costs at the company. “If the company is truly having financial problems, then explain why the air conditioning is always switched on in the offices and why the officials received free fuel for their cars,” said an office-bearer of the union.

To lessen the financial burden on the government exchequer, they asked the government to shut down the company throughout the province.

They pledged to keep protesting at the head office and all zonal offices till their demands were fulfilled.