20-year-long fight solved in Balochistan

A group led by Senator Prince Omar Ahmedzai helped solve a 20-year-long fight between two tribes in Balochistan, Lehri, and Abro. This fight caused the deaths of 15 people. Senator Prince Omar Ahmedzai is the grandson of Khan of Qalat, Mir Ahmed Yar Khan, who played a significant role in resolving Balochistan’s issues in the past.

The Lehri and Abro tribes had a dispute over land, and it turned violent with innocent people being harmed. Senator Prince Omar Ahmedzai led a meeting with tribal leaders from both sides and convinced them to stop fighting for a month. Later, a tribal court, called jirga, was held, and after discussions, both tribes agreed to the decisions made by Senator Prince Omar Ahmedzai’s group.

As per the decision, the land would be distributed between the tribes based on a record from 1959. The Lehri tribe would get 971 acres, and the Abro tribe would get 1166 acres. The jirga also imposed fines (diyat) on both tribes for the lives lost and injuries sustained during the conflict. Lehri tribe was fined 1.5 crore rupees for 10 deaths and 67 lac rupees for injuries, while Abro tribe was fined 75 crore rupees for five deaths and 64 crore rupees for injuries.

The jirga also instructed both tribes to withdraw any court cases related to the dispute. Any violation of the agreement would result in a fine of one crore rupees. The people of Balochistan praised Senator Omar Ahmedzai for his efforts in bringing peace to the area.

Senator Prince Omar Ahmedzai believes that this decision will bring peace and development to the region. He emphasized that the tribes had been fighting for 20 years, and the jirga’s fair decision has been welcomed by both tribes and the people of Balochistan and Sindh. Senator Prince Omar Ahmedzai aims to resolve tribal feuds to promote peace, development, and discourage militancy and terrorism.