BDU Peshawar

BDU Peshawar confirms Police Line Blast was Suicide

BDU Peshawar (Bomb Disposal Unit) has compiled a report of the blast that took place on Monday, 30th January 2023 in a mosque located inside Police Lines. At least 104 policemen were killed and 50 more injured; who are still under treatment in various hospitals. BDU collected evidence from the bomb site and prepared an initial report. The report which has been sent to the Central Police Office, confirms the incident as a suicide blast. “Half of the suicide jacket has been found, which establishes that there was a suicide vest used by the bomber,” reads the report. According to the report 14 to 16 kg high-potency explosives were used in the blast. The report also says there were no ball bearings found on the blast site, also there was no evidence of any hole or chasm in the ground after the blast took place.

According to the report more evidence is being collected from the site and being sent to the forensic labs. FIR of the incident has been registered after two days. Meanwhile Counter Terrorism Peshawar has issued a threat letter saying there were two suicide bombers present in Peshawar. Out of them, one suicide bomber exploded himself in the police line Peshawar while the second suicide bomber is still present in the city and planning to hit a certain target.