Educators in Peshawar to Foster Cultural Diversity among Students

Participants in an event on Sunday emphasized the importance of encouraging children to engage in various classroom activities to promote interfaith harmony, socialization, and appreciation for cultural and linguistic diversity. The event, titled ‘Love beyond faiths and cultures,’ was organized at the Initiative for Development and Empowerment Axis (IDEA) School of Arts. The facility, launched recently in the provincial capital, serves as a weekend school offering activities like painting, music, physical fitness, and storytelling for both children and adults. Wagma Feroz, the host of the event and an award-winning rights activist, highlighted the significance of fostering creative strength and appreciation for an inclusive society. The efforts made to promote cultural diversity among students were praiseworthy.

Children from different minority and ethnic groups participated in the event, which featured a series of activities over the weekend. The ice-breaking circle activity aimed to break down barriers and encourage open communication among children. Additionally, the activity involved throwing a ball to someone the children remembered. This was to introduce them to the group, strengthening bonds and emphasizing the importance of human contact and new friendships.

Moreover, an ‘art for friendship and peace’ activity allowed children to unleash their creativity by drawing and painting artworks related to peace, love, and cultural diversity. The colorful masterpieces served as a visual representation of the shared desire for harmony among different cultures and faiths. In the ‘music for peace’ segment, children held and used various musical instruments. This was for promoting the universal language of music in fostering mutual understanding.

Furthermore, amid shared laughter and camaraderie, children enjoyed delicious food together. This led to further solidifying bonds of friendship and community togetherness toward a future pluralistic society. The event concluded with a ‘balloon friendship exchange. This also symbolized a strong gesture of friendship, and an assembly showcasing the spirit of the event. Parents expressed appreciation for the event, highlighting the novel experiences gained by their children.

Finally, the organizers seemed pleased with the overwhelming response. They emphasized the importance of such events in promoting peace and understanding in the community. Wagma Feroz, as a peace activist, reiterated her commitment to contributing to inclusivity and harmony through such initiatives. She praised the efforts made to promote cultural diversity among students.