Mir Ali checkpost attack

Four security personnel injured in terrorist attack on Mir Ali checkpost

MIR ALI: In a devastating attack during the early hours of Tuesday, unidentified gunmen targeted under construction checkposts in Mir Ali Bazaar, North Waziristan district. The attack resulted in injuries of four personnel of law enforcement agencies.

According to reliable sources familiar with the matter, the attack   occurred approximately 2 am when a group of terrorists ambushed the under construction checkpost situated at Faqiran Chowk in Mir Ali Bazaar, leading to injuries sustained by three police officers and a soldier from the Pakistan Army.

Responding swiftly, the security forces and rescue personnel to rushed to the scene and promptly transferred the wounded officers to Mir Ali Hospital for immediate medical attention. However, due to the critical condition of two of the injured policemen, they were subsequently airlifted via helicopter to Bannu hospital for specialized care.

The identities of the perpetrators responsible for this heinous act remain unknown, but security forces wasted no time in securing the area. Immediately after the attack, they swiftly cordoned off the area and started search operation to chase the attackers.

The authorities have remained tight-lipped regarding the current conditions of the injured officers, with their recovery process being closely monitored.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the persistent threats faced by security personnel while carrying out their duties to protect the community. The nation mourns the loss of a dedicated law enforcer and prays for the swift recovery of the injured officers.

As investigations continue and efforts to track down the assailants intensify, the authorities remain committed to ensuring the safety and security of the region, reinforcing their determination to root out terrorism and maintain peace in the face of such cowardly acts.