Hashish smugglers transporting 852kg drugs captured in Gwadar

On Sunday, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) conducted an intelligence-based operation in the Pasni city of Gwadar, Balochistan. During the operation, they recovered 852kg of hashish. The ANF received information regarding the smuggling of 852 kilograms of hashish on 12 camels in the Pasni area of Balochistan. Upon receiving this information, the ANF quickly took action and cordoned off the hashish smugglers. As a result of their efforts, they were able to recover drugs worth millions of rupees.

Other raids

The ANF remains committed to eradicating smuggling in the country. In addition to this anti-narcotics operation, the ANF conducted 11 more operations last week, resulting in the recovery of over 724kg of drugs and the arrest of nine hashish smugglers. Furthermore, at Islamabad Airport, the force recovered 746 grams of hashish from a passenger who was traveling to Sharjah. Authorities discovered 91 heroin-filled capsules on a passenger traveling to Dubai. Security personnel at Karachi Airport intercepted 159 grams of hashish from two passengers traveling to China.

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Establishment of ANF

The Pakistan Narcotics Board (PNB) was established in 1957 under the Revenue Division. Its purpose was to fulfill Pakistan’s obligations under the International Opium Convention of 1925. Additionally, the PNB included representatives from provincial governments and some federal ministries and divisions. Then, on August 15, 1965, Pakistan ratified the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961.

In 1973, the Pakistan Narcotics Control Board (PNCB) was established with five regional directorates in response to the UN Convention on Narcotics Control. Its mandate was to combat narcotics in the country. Furthermore, until 1989, the PNCB functioned as an attached department of the Ministry of Interior and had a total of 883 staff members. Consequently, with the establishment of the Narcotics Control Division (NCD) in 1989, the PNCB became its attached department.

In December 1991, the Pakistan Army established the Anti Narcotics Task Force (ANTF), comprising 388 staff members, as a department attached to the NCD.

Finally, on February 21, 1995, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) came into being by merging the ANTF and PNCB.