Iranian firm eyes phase I contract deal

Iranian company M/s Sunir has expressed interest in carrying out second part of Gwadar transmission line phase I contract deal. It cited concerns over non-payment of a significant sum by the National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) for the first part of the project.

In a letter dated February 19, 2024, addressed to the Secretary Power, the Managing Director of M/s Sunir, Hasan Gholinezhad, stated that despite delays in the contractual start date, the company commenced work on the Gwadar transmission line promptly following the signing of amendment number 2(A) and under the special instructions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Adverse Weather

Despite facing challenges such as security issues in Balochistan and adverse weather conditions like heavy rain and floods, Sunir successfully completed a 30-kilometer transmission line from Polan to Jiwani-Gwadar interconnection by February 5, 2023, demonstrating its commitment to the project.

With all necessary equipment and personnel already on site, Sunir is now requesting authorization from the Secretary Power to proceed with the second part of phase one. This involves approximately 46 kilometers of transmission line (220 kV) and a GIS Grid Station.

In a separate communication dated February 18, 2024, the Iranian company informed the Secretary Power of the completion of the Pak-Iran 220 KV interconnection transmission line, facilitating the import of additional 100 MW power from Iran to the Gwadar region, despite facing numerous challenges.

The company initiated work on the project prior to the formal signing of amendment Number 2(A), demonstrating its commitment to the project and the bilateral relationship between Iran and Pakistan.

However, Sunir has expressed dissatisfaction over the delayed payment by NTDC. It amounts to Euro 5,299,293.30 and Rs 36,113,320.47 for the completed project, citing issues related to the approval of the revised PC-I as the main reason for the payment delays.Iranian company M/s Sunir has expressed interest in carrying out the second part of the Gwadar transmission line phase I contract deal

Despite repeated requests and meetings, Sunir has yet to receive full payment from NTDC, leading to severe financial constraints and challenges in meeting payment obligations to vendors.