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Islamabad rules out talks on internationally recognized Pak-Afghan border

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has firmly rejected the possibility of engaging in talks regarding the Durand Line, emphasizing that it is an internationally recognized border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
During a weekly press briefing, the spokesperson for the Foreign Office, Zahra Mumtaz Baloch, stated that Pakistan is not open to discussing the Pak-Afghan border with any party, including Afghanistan. The Durand Line is recognized globally as the official international border between the two nations.
The spokesperson highlighted that Pakistan has taken numerous measures to ensure the security of the Pak-Afghan border. Recognizing the impact of the situation in Afghanistan on Pakistan, she mentioned that significant progress has been made in fencing a significant portion of the border. Pakistan has been significantly affected by the internal dynamics of Afghanistan. In order to address terrorism and cross-border activities, Pakistan remains in contact with the interim government in Afghanistan, she added.
It is noteworthy that the acting Afghan Defense Minister, Mullah Yaqub, referred to the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, known as the Durand Line, as merely a ‘line’ during an interview. However, he mentioned that the Afghan authorities would raise the issue at the appropriate time.
Mullah Yaqub stated that the previous Afghan government had granted permission to Pakistan to carry out fencing activities along the Durand Line. However, he emphasized that, at present, Afghanistan does not allow the border to be fenced. He clarified that the decision regarding the border fencing would be determined by the current Afghan cabinet in the future.
“So far, we have not allowed Pakistan to fence the Durand Line. It was the previous government that allowed them to do so. In the future, we will act according to the decision made by our cabinet, but for now, we do not permit border fencing,” he asserted.