Kabul playing ‘double game’, says minister

 Balochistan caretaker Minister for Information Jan Achakzai has alleged that the Afghan government, instead of handing over the elements involved in terrorist attacks in Pakistan using Afghan soil, is playing a double game and not taking the issue seriously.

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, he mentioned that Pakistan has repeatedly demanded that the Afghan government hand over the terrorists whose list was provided by Islamabad to Kabul with proof, but the Afghan rulers have not responded positively so far.

Mr. Achakzai warned that Pakistan would go to any extent to meet its demands. He noted that in recent terrorist attacks in Bannu, Afghan nationals were found involved, which was proven by the Afghan identity cards discovered by the investigators.

He added that the Afghan refugees, with their country’s ID cards and other documents, have become security risks and will be deported.

He emphasised that it is the responsibility of the Taliban government to prevent any group from using its soil for attacks in Pakistan.

“No Afghan will be allowed to cross into Pakistan without a passport and visa,” stated Mr. Achakzai, as the Pakistani government has no plans to back down from implementing a one-document regime for crossing international borders from both sides.