KP Police foils major terror plot, nab 10 Daesh terrorists

KP Police foil major terror plot, nab 10 Daesh terrorists 

PESHAWAR: In a significant achievement, the Khyber Peshawar Police successfully thwarted a potential terror attack by apprehending a group of terrorists, including ten members affiliated with the extremist group Daesh.

The operation marks a significant breakthrough in the fight against terrorism and ensures the safety and security of the local population.

Acting on credible intelligence, Peshawar Police, supported by the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD), launched a meticulous operation to dismantle the terror network. The operation aimed to prevent any acts of sabotage during the upcoming month of Muharram, a period of religious significance for Muslims.

Sources within the CTD confirmed that the arrested terrorists comprise individuals involved in carrying out targeted killings and other nefarious activities. The comprehensive operation successfully neutralized the imminent threat posed by this group, effectively averting potential loss of lives and damage to property.

The timely action by the authorities not only foiled a major terror plot but also sends a strong message to terrorist elements that their attempts to disrupt peace and stability will be met with swift and decisive response.