Over 200 Afghan refugees relocated from Pakistan to UK

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has announced the transfer of 250 Afghan refugees from Pakistan to the United Kingdom.

On Tuesday, December 19, the organization called for support of safe ways and sustainable solutions for Afghan refugees through a message on the social media platform X.

The International Organization for Migration emphasizes that these refugees represent a global effort to support Afghans displaced by war.

According to the organization’s report, since the Taliban administration’s resurgence in Afghanistan in August 2021, it has facilitated the resettlement of at least one thousand Afghan refugees in various countries.

Previously, several Afghan refugees were transferred from Pakistan to countries including Canada and Britain.

It’s noteworthy that Britain has committed to relocating 20,000 eligible Afghan refugees to the country over the next four years.

Currently, thousands of Afghan refugees are residing in Pakistan, awaiting relocation to Western countries, including Canada, France, and Britain.

This development is part of the broader international response to the Afghan refugee crisis following recent political changes in Afghanistan.

Pakistani authorities have initiated a crackdown on Afghan refugees, commencing forced deportations since November 1st. This move has raised concerns about the treatment and rights of these refugees within Pakistan.

Despite facing widespread condemnation and calls to cease the forceful deportation of Afghan migrants, particularly in light of the severe humanitarian crisis and the harsh winter conditions, Pakistani officials have continued with their actions.

International organizations and human rights groups have urged Pakistan to reconsider its stance, emphasizing the critical situation of the Afghan refugees and the potential risks they face upon forced return to their homeland.