Pakistan again shuts Torkham crossing for transit cargo

 In an unexpected turn of events, the Torkham border, a crucial juncture for bilateral trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan, has once again faced closure.

The shutdown, initiated on Wednesday, comes in response to Afghan security forces objections raised over the installation of a signboard saying “Welcome to Pakistan” at Zero Point, according to well-placed sources.

The dispute has resulted in a severe disruption of Pak-Afghan bilateral trade, effectively halting both export and import activities between the two nations.

The closure, initially prompted by the contested signage, has escalated to the point where the border is now slated to remain indefinitely closed for trade.

This latest development adds a layer of complexity to the already delicate trade relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan, raising concerns about the economic impact on businesses and communities reliant on the cross-border exchange.

As both nations navigate the intricacies of this dispute, the future of trade activities at the Torkham border hangs in uncertainty.