Pakistan Army and Frontier Corps play robust role in promoting education

The Pakistan Army and Frontier Corps continued to play a robust role in promoting education in Malakand. The orphan children had been admitted to educational institutions and provided with the expenses.

The classes had also been arranged for the female students in the orphan house.

Apart from that, the Girls Community Center has also been inaugurated, where, with the assistance of the female teachers, education is being provided to the students.

The masses of the area had commended the efforts of the Pak Army and Frontier Corps.

The masses had expressed their happiness, saying, “The steps taken by the Pak Army and Frontier Corps will pave the way for male and female students to get the opportunity to educate.”

As part of this initiative, residents in these remote districts are being sensitized to the importance of educating both boys and girls.

Renovation work is not only in progress for the refurbishment of dilapidated school buildings in these districts but comprehensive facilities are also being provided to ensure the smooth conduct of regular classes.

Moreover, needy students in various schools are receiving essential items such as school uniforms, books, copies, and stationery.

Following a fire incident at the Government Model College in Swat, the Pakistan Army promptly organized classes in temporary tents.

Numerous schools in Bajaur, Khyber, Dir, and Buner have undergone refurbishment, ensuring their full functionality.

The residents of these districts express joy and gratitude for these significant measures aimed at advancing education. They extend their appreciation to the senior officials of the Pakistan Army and Frontier Corps North for their unwavering commitment to the promotion of education