Pakistan denounces fatal suicide bombing in Afghanistan

Pakistan issued a stern condemnation of a devastating suicide bombing that shook Kandahar, Afghanistan, claiming the lives of at least 20 innocent individuals. This tragic incident struck a chord with Pakistan. The state emphasized the severity of such violent acts. It viewed them as a shared concern demanding mutual attention and cooperation between the two neighboring nations.

The targeted suicide attack specifically aimed at civilians heading to a bank in Kandahar, predominantly government employees collecting their salaries. However, conflicting reports emerged regarding the casualty toll, with hospital authorities initially reporting the figure to the media. Nonetheless, Taliban officials contested this count. They asserted that only three individuals lost their lives, while dozens suffered injuries. It illustrated the confusion and chaos surrounding the aftermath of such heinous attacks.

The subsequent claim of responsibility for the suicide bombing in Afghanistan by Daesh further exacerbated the security challenges confronting the Taliban-led government in Kabul. This assertion underscored the complex and multifaceted nature of terrorism plaguing the region. It also necessitated robust collaborative efforts to address and mitigate its far-reaching impacts.

In a statement released by Pakistan’s foreign office, the nation vehemently condemned the terrorist attack that unfolded in Kandahar on March 21, 2024, lamenting the loss of invaluable lives and the injuries inflicted upon numerous others. The statement reiterated Pakistan and Afghanistan to unite in combating the scourge of terrorism through collective action.

Relations between the administrations of Pakistan and Afghanistan have strained in recent times. A series of deadly suicide attacks within Pakistan exacerbated it, attributed to the banned militant group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). This militant network has been a source of contention between the two nations. It is further complicating efforts to foster bilateral cooperation and stability in the region.

Pakistan’s decisive response to the escalating threat posed by cross-border militancy was evidenced by the recent airstrikes targeting TTP hideouts along its border with Afghanistan. Despite this, Pakistan’s defense minister, Khawaja Muhammad Asif, reaffirmed the nation’s commitment to avoiding armed conflict with Afghanistan, while acknowledging the urgent need to address the alarming rise in militant activities permeating the border region.