Pakistan: Trapped in a Political Bermuda Triangle

By: Hummaira Kaleem

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is an entity where a number of aircraft and ships have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. This fascination began in the mid-20th century.

Pakistan has also become a Bermuda triangle where every political party, leader, or group sinks along with passengers. The majority faces hurricanes and tropical storms. In spite of improved weather forecasts, it claims many titanic. Senior politicians, anchors, and thinktanks have failed to identify the root cause.

Steering and navigation in Pakistan are so tricky and fatal, but politicians still love them, as they are worth it. Once they find the driving seat, they come out of the danger and violent condition, but the real victims are the masses. They must bear the depths and darkness of the oceans. Although, they are habitually drawn to the new depths they see every time, they still want a saviour who can resolve the mystery underneath. Even frequent changes in government dive deep into Bermuda.

If there is a superpower in the form of a black hole, they should find out its pivot. Although it’s so powerful that it engulfs huge entities,. But once its time and conditions are judged, most likely, we can find a safe shore. But unfortunately, no one wants it. It was opened at the request of the pilots. Experiences prove that the combined forces of ‘nature and humans’ outdo the most outrageous fictions. There are official maps drawing the boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle, but the power and attraction of the black whole blind them. They automatically fell prey to it.

Sometimes the Bermuda Triangle emits such bright light that it confuses the poor masses, and they follow it. At that time, their ‘navigation tools’ stopped working as well.  They have lost the idea of time and space. They wait for the miracle to happen, and after some time, when their instincts start working, they have gone to some parallel world and their journey back to reality is impossible. Failures of senses, communication, and critical devices can occur unexpectedly and compromise on the safety of the country.

Another explanation of failing governments is power game. The ‘current’ in Pakistani politics is so strong but unluckily ‘shallow’. All focus is on strengthening the cushion couches. We have huge number of natural resources, but we are unable to find and utilize out. To unearth and grab all the treasure, adequate artificial buoyancy is created. All navigation compasses stop working and can’t find magnetic force. This power game itself becomes Bermuda triangle and ultimately destroys Pakistan. More than 24 crore passengers are at stake.

In all these situations different theories are presented but in vain. There are no proof and sufficient solutions to keep Pakistan from this whirlpool. Situation is getting critical. It is stuck in that triangle and jerking but no force can take it out right now. As in reality Bermuda triangle has American forces near it to monitor, same our parties have eyes on America to protect it. But as America could not find solution to Bermuda, it is also not ready to pull it out. This ship is under so many threats and traps. All we need is a daring, sincere and wise pilot. Keeping all theories in mind and taking right decision. Since mid-20th century till now we are working on assumptions not on reality. Different theories cannot let us work together on one direction. Hope soon we resolve the mystery of this Bermuda and have a steady ocean to sail.

Hummaira Kaleem is a writer based in Multan. She did her Master in English Language and Literature from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan.