PML-N Urges KP to Unite for Common Good of people

On Friday, Ikhtiar Wali, the spokesperson for the PML-N in KP, issued a call for the provincial government to transcend political differences and adopt a collaborative approach with the federal government to advance development goals in the region.

Highlighting the interdependence of KP on the federal framework, Wali underscored the necessity of embracing a reconciliatory policy with the Center. He said this help to effectively address the multifaceted issues prevalent within the province. He also argued that a confrontational stance would not serve to resolve the genuine problems faced by the masses. The spokesperson advocated for a more cooperative and solution-oriented strategy.

Wali articulated the belief that fostering amicable relations with the center could yield more positive outcomes for the provincial area. He particularly pointed to the substantial financial allocations KP received for net hydel projects during the tenure of Nawaz Sharif. It as an unprecedented and beneficial provision according to him.

The spokesperson for the Pakistan Muslim League-N drew attention to the financial challenges confronting KP. He emphasized the difficulty in managing two months’ worth of employee salaries and sustaining crucial initiatives such as the “Sehat Card” system in the province. These challenges underscored the urgency for the provincial government to adopt more effective policies that align with broader national interests.

Wali stressed the importance of moving forward with improved policies. He said the policies should prioritize the welfare of the people and contribute to the overall development of the region. He called for a strategic shift towards cooperation and collaboration. Wali also highlighted the potential positive impact on resolving key issues and fostering sustainable growth.

Finally, the spokesperson emphasized the critical need for KP to engage in a constructive dialogue with the federal government. This can help promoting an environment of understanding and cooperation. By transcending political differences and adopting a reconciliatory stance, Wali envisioned a path towards comprehensive development and the effective resolution of the province’s challenges in the larger context of national progress.