Revolutionary Farming Practices Transformed by Bajaur Laboratory

The Bajaur Soil Testing Laboratory has revolutionized farming practices in the area by providing timely research results on soil samples. Two years ago, Shafiullah, a 38-year-old farmer from Kawsar Dheri village in Khar Tehsil of Bajaur district, had never contemplated the option of analyzing agricultural land samples in a Bajaur laboratory, as his forefathers had always relied on traditional farming practices.

However, after being informed by Agriculture Department officials about the Soil Testing Laboratory established in Inayat Clay, he decided to analyze soil samples from his farm. The results revealed highly acidic soil with a deficiency in nitrates, adversely affecting yields. Acting upon the recommendations of the Research Officer, Shafi implemented corrective measures, leading to a notable increase in production.

Shafi possesses four acres of land, with two acres irrigated using water resources and the remaining two dependent on rainfed cultivation. He has allocated two acres for orchards comprising orange, olive, and plum trees, alongside growing various vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers, and seasonal crops such as wheat and maize. This agricultural land serves as his primary source of income.

Muhammad Ilyas, a farmer from Sheikh Maino village, considers himself fortunate to have obtained the soil test results from the Bajaur Soil Testing Laboratory.

He emphasized the convenience offered by this facility, especially in contrast to the overcrowded conditions at Tarnab Farm Peshawar.

Ilyas also expressed contentment with receiving results within a week, a notable improvement. Renting agricultural land annually in a tribal area, he encountered low productivity despite utilizing various fertilizers. The test outcomes indicated the necessity for exclusive use of Dhirani fertilizer, sparking optimism for enhanced production.

Moreover, He appealed to the government to establish soil testing laboratories at each tehsil level to aid farmers.