8 martyred, 20 injured in suicide attack on security forces

Security forces kill two terrorists in Bara

PESHAWAR: On a Saturday, clashes between security forces and a group of terrorists in the Bara tehsil of Khyber district resulted in the death of two terrorists.

As per sources, these terrorists initiated an act of firing towards a security forces’ checkpoint positioned within the Ghaibi Nekah area of Bara. In response, the security forces took retaliatory measures against the attackers. The outcome of this confrontation was the demise of at least two terrorists due to the responsive firing executed by the security personnel.

The identity of the deceased terrorists has been traced back to the Orakzai district. Amidst the exchange of gunfire between the opposing parties, two additional terrorists were successfully apprehended by the security forces, whereas another pair of terrorists managed to evade capture by fleeing the scene. Consequently, the security forces have initiated a thorough search operation to locate and apprehend the two remaining fugitive terrorists.

It is important to note that throughout the entirety of this exchange of gunfire and confrontations, the security personnel remained unharmed and maintained their safety.

Meanwhile, four soldiers of the bomb disposal unit (BDU) were severely injured when their vehicle was targeted with rocket propelled grenades (RPG’s) in Ladha, Upper South Waziristan Tribal District, local police said. The injured soldiers were shifted to hospital for treatment, while the security forces launched search operation in the area.