Suicide Attack ob Siraj ul Haq

Zhob: Suicide Attack on the Convoy of JI Chief Siraj ul Haq

A targeted assault, described as a “suicide attack,” has taken place on the convoy of Sirajul Haq, the esteemed leader of Jamaat-i-Islami, in the region of Zhob, located in the province of Balochistan.

The political party took to Twitter to convey the news, assuring the public that Haq remained unharmed and that the assailant had met his demise. It was further revealed that Haq’s presence in the area was to address a significant political gathering.

Faisal Sharif, the party’s spokesperson, shared pertinent details through a recorded video message. He disclosed that Sirajul Haq had arrived in Quetta earlier and was en route to Zhob for the planned assembly. Tragically, during his entry into Zhob, amidst the warm welcome of the people, an individual approached and initiated a self-detonation.

Fortunately, all individuals present were unscathed in this heinous act, resulting in no loss of life. Initial reports indicate that several vehicles suffered damage, and a few individuals sustained minor injuries.