TTP Rift Continues

TTP Rift Continues: Key Commanders Killed in Fresh Riots

The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a banned militant group, is facing a significant decline as the rift between its sub-groups continues to widen in Afghanistan. Recent reports suggest that at least nine terrorists and key commanders were killed in fresh riots in various parts of the country.

Identified as Sajid, Umar, Malang, Commander Zakir, Tariq, Hashim, Usmani, Rehman, and Yusuf, these terrorists were crucial members of the group. Their deaths are a significant blow to the TTP, as it struggles to keep its operations going amidst the increasing differences between its sub-groups.

According to sources, the ongoing conflict between the sub-groups intensified due to the unfair distribution of resources by the central leadership. The increasing economic difficulties are believed to be caused by the lavish lifestyle of the TTP commanders, who enjoy luxurious homes, vehicles, and money. In contrast, their subordinates are living in camps or villages near the border without even the basic facilities of life.

The situation has become so dire that the subordinates have threatened their commanders with surrendering to security forces if the issues are not resolved. While the leadership enjoys a secure future for their children, the subordinates are struggling to make ends meet.

Furthermore, the sub-groups believe that the TTP leadership is exploiting poor people to fight against Pakistani security forces for their own benefit. They argue that the people are being sacrificed in the name of so-called jihad.

In conclusion, the TTP is facing a crisis as its sub-groups are increasingly divided. The ongoing conflict has resulted in the loss of key commanders, which will have a significant impact on the group’s operations. The TTP leadership needs to address the concerns of its subordinates and address the root causes of the conflict to avoid further losses.