Afghanistan’s Supercar Makes Global Debut at Doha Show

The Simurgh initially reminds one of the Batmobile. The supercar has flared wheel arches and is all-black and low-slung, giving it a fast appearance.
But as you get a closer look, it becomes obvious that this car is unique in comparison to the dozens of other cars on exhibit at the Doha edition of the Geneva International Motor Show.
Visitors were not permitted to open the doors since the interiors have not yet been built and the windshield’s sealing is uneven. But the Simurgh’s origins in Afghanistan, where the Taliban seized power two years ago, may be its most peculiar characteristic.
According to a statement from Entop CEO Mohammad Reza Ahmadi, the Simurgh took a team of 30 people five years to construct and was named after a fabled Persian bird with the head of a dog, claws of a lion, and the size to capture an elephant or whale.
According to Mr. Ahmadi, who also serves as the project’s chief engineer and designer, the project was delayed as a result of the epidemic and the collapse of the Afghan economy following the Taliban takeover.

Although tough four-wheel drives and sport-utility vehicles are better suited to Afghanistan’s rough mountain terrain, Mr. Ahmadi claimed he wanted to create something unique.
In an interview during the Doha Expo, he stated, “I want to build something to put my country back on the map. The Simurgh represents the heroes and art of Afghanistan. An SUV won’t be the same.”
The vehicle, powered by a four-cylinder engine, was unveiled in the latter half of 2022. When a Taliban spokesman posted a clip showing an older model of the vehicle, known as the Mada9 at the time, it quickly gained popularity. In January. In the footage, a group of former rebels can be seen ogling the car.
It is a shocking sight from one of the world’s poorest nations, which has a dismal track record when it comes to human rights.

The Taliban has imposed severe restrictions on women, forbidding them from going to school, working, going to public parks, going to the gym, and going on lengthy journeys without a male escort.
However, Mr. Ahmadi wants people to perceive the Simurgh as standing for an alternative aspect of Afghanistan.
After receiving US$130,000 (S$178,000) in crowd fundraising from more than 45,000 people, he and his crew were able to send the automobile to Doha for its first international presentation.
Entop’s next objective is to fund €30 million (S$43.2 million) in order to finish the Simurgh and enter it in the renowned 24-hour endurance event at Le Mans, France.
After the Simurgh has completed Le Mans, where it can be tested and proven, Mr. Ahmadi stated, “We plan to start sales.”