Asif characterizes Afghanistan as the ‘origin of terrorism’

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif reiterated his criticism of Afghanistan’s perceived lack of progress in addressing terrorism, emphasizing the need for tighter border controls to counter the threat effectively. He expressed disappointment over the Taliban’s alleged failure to address terrorist hideouts within their territory and called the country the ‘origin of terrorism’. He stressed the absence of cooperation from Kabul in tackling the terrorism issue. These remarks followed a series of recent attacks, including those on the Gwadar Port Authority complex, a naval base in Turbat, and a suicide attack on Chinese workers in Shangla.

Asif’s comments of calling Afghanistan as “origin of terrorism” came after his participation in a security meeting chaired by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, reflecting the concerns raised during the session regarding terrorist sanctuaries across borders and the necessity for a regional approach to counter terrorism.

Moreover, the emergence of a viral video depicting an Afghan Taliban member assisting Pakistani terrorists in planning cross-border attacks highlighted the complexity of border security challenges. Asif underscored the necessity of enforcing international laws and norms along the Pak-Afghan border to halt terrorist movements and promote better relations between the two countries.

Pakistan’s recent policy changes, including the requirement for Afghan citizens to possess valid passports and visas, signify efforts to enhance border control measures. However, the specific measures mentioned by the minister for further strengthening control over cross-border movements remain unclear.

Asif’s call for a fundamental change in the border situation reflects growing concerns over the persistent threat of terrorism emanating from Afghanistan. It also the need for concerted efforts to address the issue effectively.