Author: Maj Gen (R) Inam Ul Haque

The writer is a retired major general and has an interest in International Relations and Political Sociology. He can be reached at and tweets @20_Inam

Wars are never prosecuted with vengeance, as a war of vengeance is genocide for the weaker side. The ICJ is yet to decide if the prosecution of war by the Israeli Military (IDF) under political direction of Israel’s right-wing extremist government is genocide; and the evidence is overwhelming. Legal experts believe that for genocide, ‘intent’ and ‘actions’ are taken into account. First the ‘intent’. The language of hate that has been consistently coming out of the Israeli leadership against Palestinians…from ‘human animals’ to ‘nuking them’ to more recently ‘driving them into Sinai being the will of God’, is dehumanising, racist…

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