Balochistan to issue a 10 days’ deadline prior to crackdown on oil smugglers

Balochistan’s interim information minister, Jan Achakzai, made a significant announcement today. He gave a 10-day ultimatum for a serious crackdown on the oil smugglers operating within the province.

The minister emphasized the province’s constant commitment to ending the illicit oil trade while speaking to the media in Quetta. He affirmed that if oil smuggling does not cease within the specified 10-day period, the provincial government will initiate the destruction of smuggler boats, signaling a resolute stance against this unlawful activity.

Jan Achakzai also emphasized that the provincial government is determined to protect its lands from encroachment. The individuals accused of encroaching on state land will face arrest, and  their cases will be referred to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for a thorough investigation.

To support the security measures, Achakzai also disclosed plans to enhance surveillance along the borders of Balochistan with neighboring provinces, Sindh and Punjab. This decision underscores the government’s commitment to suppressing smuggling activities and maintaining law and order.

In an additional move to support the governance, Jan Achakzai revealed that the government has resolved to implement a comprehensive geo-tagging initiative for all seminaries in Balochistan. This measure aims to promote transparency and accountability in the functioning of religious institutions within the province.

Achakzai repeated the government’s persistent stance against illegal Afghan immigrants, emphasizing that a relentless crackdown will continue.

During his talks with the media, he said actions would be taken against immigrants found in possession of fake national identity cards. He further emphasized the importance of adhering to legal documentation.

Minister Achakzai pointed out that the federal government has already issued a deadline for illegal immigrants to voluntarily leave the country or face expulsion, emphasizing the nation’s commitment to enforcing immigration laws.

He said that Balochistan’s government is poised to take strong and purposeful measures to address issues related to smuggling, encroachment, and immigration, affirming its commitment to the rule of law and the welfare of its citizens. 

Oil smuggling during the past few months has increased significantly. Law enforcement agencies have thwarted two separate oil smuggling attempts in Sindh and Punjab provinces.

In the initial incident, Rangers successfully intercepted an endeavor to smuggle a substantial quantity of Iranian diesel along the Sindh-Balochistan border.

According to a spokesperson for the Rangers, a significant operation was executed against the smuggling syndicate operating in the border regions of Sindh and Balochistan. The smuggling effort was disrupted at the Band Murad Checkpoint, where four suspicious trucks carrying 9,000 liters of Iranian diesel were apprehended. The smugglers were detained, and the illicit oil was seized.