COAS Gen Asim Munir rules out talks with terror outfits

COAS rules out talks with terrorist groups

PESHAWAR: Chief of Army Staff General Syed Asim Munir has dismissed the possibility of negotiations with banned militant groups, asserting that discussions can only occur between Pakistan and the interim Afghan government.

Speaking at a significant gathering of tribal elders in Peshawar, the army chief stated, “If talks are to take place, they will solely be conducted between the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan. There will be no dialogue with any particular group or faction.” The assembly was also addressed by esteemed tribal leaders. General Asim Munir emphasized that terrorists have no alternative but to acknowledge Pakistan’s statehood and constitution.

COAS Gen Asim Munir emphasized that Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan must adhere to the nation’s laws. He emphasized the unity of armed forces, security agencies, and the people of Pakistan as an indivisible entity. He stressed, “Those who aim to disrupt peace are not aligned with us.” While addressing the Afghan government, he posed the question, “Can there be anything beyond repaying kindness with kindness?”

Highlighting that Islam is a religion of tranquility and safety, he asserted that those who have distorted this faith through acts of terrorism must be held accountable. Referring to Pakistan’s constitution, he underlined that governance is solely under Allah’s authority. He questioned which version of Sharia the individuals labeled as Khawarij intend to implement. He firmly stated, “My courageous soldiers and I will continue fighting terrorism until the last ounce of blood.”

The army chief commended the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police for their exceptional performance, praising their numerous sacrifices. He disclosed plans to establish a secretariat, following approval from the Pakistani government, to address tribal integration issues. He affirmed their commitment to ensure tribal communities’ involvement in development initiatives, thus uplifting their economic advancement.

Through collaboration with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government, developmental projects valued at 81 billion rupees will be launched in recently merged areas, fostering progress and prosperity. The army chief also disclosed plans to complete 43 police projects with a budget of 7 billion rupees, while fully supporting the conclusion of 54 infrastructure projects in partnership with the provincial government.