Islamic States Khorasan

Huge blow to ISKP as its deputy killed in Balkh

Taliban GDI “General Directorate of Intelligence” in a statement said several members of the Islamic States Khorasan branch were killed after security Forces conducted an intelligence-based operations in 5th, 8th and 10th districts of Balkh province. Later it was revealed that ISKP second in command and incumbent head of justice department Molvi Zia uddin aka Molvi Mohammad was also among the killed. Molvi Mohammad was also designated governor of Khorasan branch and second in rank after the group head Shahab Al Muhajir. Shahab Al Muhajir whose real name was Sanaullah Ghafari was released from Pul I charhi prison following August 15 Taliban’s take over of the Kabul.

Similarly, two more important commanders Abu Umer Afridi and Ustad Salman Tajikistani were also said to be killed in that operation. Abu Umer Afridi was ISKP Shura member and an influential commander of the group.

About Ustad Salam Tajikistani it is said he was an expert of bomb making and also a military drill instructor and has trained many ISKP fighters.

According to GDI last week in a separate operation against the ISKP hideout in Faryab province, the whole group was arrested that was involved in a suicide attack on Balkh’s assassinated governor Mullah Mohammad Daud Muzammil. The group has been planning attacks in Faryab, Balkh, and Kabul. As per the investigation of GDI member of that group were Tajik nationals and had recently shifted to Afghanistan.
This news is very meaningful as on Thursday, US Army Gen. Michael Kurilla, the head of U.S. Central Command, has told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the group known as IS-Khorasan or IS-K could potentially conduct attacks in Asia or in Europe.
“They can do an external operation against U.S. or Western interests abroad in under six months with little to no warning,” Army Gen. Michael Kurilla, the head of U.S. Central Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday.

US is very serious about ISIS after the group Khorasan branch carried out suicide attack in August 2021, on the US Marines at the Kabul Airport. Russia and Tajikistan have also shown their worries regarding ISKP and other militants regrouping in Afghanistan after Taliban took control of Kabul.