KP extends financial assistance to over 438,000 families

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Minister Zahir Shah Toru announced on Wednesday the successful distribution of financial assistance cheques worth Rs10,000 each to 438,547 eligible families in the province as part of the Ramazan package. This initiative aimed to provide financial support to those in need during the holy month of Ramadan.

He also informed of the disbursement of a total of Rs4.38 billion worth of cheques among deserving families. This indicated a significant effort by the government to alleviate financial burdens on vulnerable households.

In a statement issued from his office, the minister provided detailed insights into the distribution process under the Ramazan package. He highlighted that a total of 777,419 eligible families across the province are slated to receive assistance cheques through the Ehsaas Programme, showcasing the scale of the assistance being provided.

Moreover, Toru reaffirmed the government’s dedication to genuine public service, prioritising tangible actions over mere rhetoric and symbolic gestures. This commitment underscores the administration’s focus on addressing the real needs of its citizens, especially during times of economic hardship.

Echoing the vision of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan and the KP government, Toru underscored the importance of concrete measures for the welfare of people. He expressed confidence in the trust placed by the people in Imran Khan’s leadership, assuring that the provincial government remained steadfast in its commitment to the people.

Finally, he reaffirmed the PTI-led government’s dedication to realising Imran Khan’s vision of a prosperous and welfare-oriented state, emphasizing the significance of initiatives like the Ramazan package in achieving this goal. By providing essential financial assistance to vulnerable families, the government aims to foster social stability and economic well-being across the province.