Maulvi Abdul Kabeer

Maulvi Muhammad Abdul Kabir, appointed as the new PM of Afghanistan

Afghanistanh’s Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, Maulvi Muhammad Abdul Kabir, has assumed the role of Acting Prime Minister of Afghanistan temporarily due to the illness of Mullah Mohammad Hassan.

Following the change of regime, Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund was appointed as the Acting Prime Minister, with Maulvi Abdul Kabir serving as his deputy for political affairs.

According to sources, Mullah Hassan recently fell ill and has been residing in Kandahar province. During a visit to Afghanistan last week, Prime Minister of Qatar, Mohammad bin Abdulrahman, met with Mullah Hassan in Kandahar province. As per source Mullah Mohammad Hassan had taken a leave of absence from his official duties due to his illness. To fill the temporary vacancy, the leadership of the Islamic Emirate has appointed Maulvi Abdul Kabir as his replacement.

A decree regarding this appointment has been communicated to all ministries and relevant institutions by the Islamic Emirate’s leadership.

Mohammad Hassan Haqyar, the Director General of Press and Ceremonies at the Political Office of the Prime Minister, has also confirmed to media Maulvi Abdul Kabir has been designated as the Acting Prime Minister for a temporary period.

Maulavi Mohammed Abdul Kabir holds a prominent position within the Taliban leadership. He previously assumed the role of acting prime minister of Afghanistan from April 16, 2001, to November 13, 2001. According to the United Nations, Maulavi Mohammed Abdul Kabir has held several significant positions, including Second Deputy of the Taliban’s Council of Ministers, Governor of Nangarhar Province, and Head of the Eastern Zone. Born between 1958 and 1963 in Paktia, Afghanistan, Maulavi Mohammed Abdul Kabir hails from the Zadran tribe.