Nearly 2,600 foreign citizens have traveled to Afghanistan in the last month; NISA

The National Bureau of Statistics and Information of the country says that during the past month, the entry and exit of 2,586 foreign citizens have been registered through the ports and airports of Afghanistan. 

The department added that the registered figures show that in the current year, 1,314 people, including 24 women, entered the country, and another 1,272 foreign citizens, of whom 17 are women, have left the country.

 It should be remembered that the Directorate of Population Registration Services of the National Statistics and Information Administration, along with other activities, is also responsible for registering the entry and exit of foreign nationals through the country’s official ports and airports.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said that they have provided tourists with safe sightseeing in the country in full coordination with the local bodies.

“The Interior Ministry as a security organ and executive branch is committed to ensure their security 100%. All the police all over the country are at their service. And security is ensured all over the country, and there is no need for the special tourism police to be appointed in this regard,” said Abdul Mateen Qani, spokesman of MoI, told TOLOnews.

According to some economists, the expansion of the tourism industry is important in strengthening the country’s economy, saying that this industry should be supported.

“There is a need to invest in the tourism industry considering the scenic and natural areas and places of Afghanistan,” said Mohammad Shabir Bashiri, an economist.

The tourism sector is one of the cornerstones of the global economy and the primary driver of sustainable development in the twenty-first century. 

It is thought to be the most lucrative sector globally, second only to oil and auto manufacturing. However, the expansion of this sector in nations such as Afghanistan is deemed to be of even greater significance.