Pakistan's Special Envoy for Afghanistan to leave on 3-day Kabul visit tomorrow

Pakistan’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan to leave on 3-day Kabul visit tomorrow

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan, Asif Khan Durrani, is set to embark on a significant three-day journey to Kabul on July 19th. During this visit, Durrani will engage in crucial meetings with the top leadership in Afghanistan, aiming to address Pakistan’s concerns regarding the presence of safe sanctuaries for the banned Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) within Afghanistan and to communicate Pakistan’s demands to the Taliban leadership.

The central issue Pakistan wishes to address is the existence of TTP leaders within Afghanistan’s borders. Pakistan seeks the cooperation of the Afghan government in apprehending these TTP figures and handing them over to face justice in Pakistan for their criminal activities. Asif Durrani is expected to convey this demand to the relevant Afghan authorities during his discussions in Kabul.

Durrani firmly believes that neutralizing TTP militants is crucial to safeguarding Pakistan’s security. He emphasizes that the TTP must not be allowed to utilize Afghan soil to launch attacks or threats against Pakistan. Addressing this issue is of paramount importance to Pakistan, and Durrani aims to stress the severity of the matter to the Afghan leadership.

In response to the situation, Durrani rules out the possibility of further negotiations with the TTP. He expresses that Pakistan has already exhausted all available avenues for dialogue with the militant group, and unfortunately, these efforts have failed to yield any positive outcomes.

As the special envoy for Afghanistan, Asif Khan Durrani’s visit to Kabul signifies Pakistan’s commitment to addressing mutual concerns and fostering cooperation between the two neighboring nations. The meetings with Afghan leadership present an opportunity to emphasize the importance of eradicating TTP safe havens in Afghanistan and strengthening the security ties between the two countries to ensure peace and stability in the region.