PPP Leader Gunned Down by Robbers in Khuzdar

A group of ‘dacoits’ fatally shot a local leader affiliated with the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and a prominent businessman, Haji Ali Hassan Mohammad Hasni, at his residence in Khuzdar town, as claimed by the police on Sunday. A PPP leader, Hassan Mohammad Hasni, gunned down by a group of ‘dacoits’ at his residence in Khuzdar district. The incident occurred when the dacoits entered the house in the Bazgir area, situated on the outskirts of Khuzdar, taking all family members hostage during the early hours of Sunday morning. The perpetrators proceeded to loot gold ornaments, mobile phones, and other valuables from the PPP leader’s residence. Before fleeing the scene, they opened fire on Haji Ali Hassan Mohammad Hasni, resulting in his immediate death.

The police initially labeled the PPP Leader gunned down incident as a case of robbery, emphasizing it as an act of dacoity. However, Abdul Aziz Khadrani, a police officer, did not completely rule out the possibility of the attack being a targeted killing, as investigations were ongoing. Haji Ali Hassan Mohammad Hasni also held the position of president of the Jhalawan Fruit and Vegetable Association, adding another dimension to the incident.

The body of the deceased was transported to Khuzdar District Hospital before being handed over to his family. Subsequently, the relatives of the PPP leader staged a protest, blocking traffic on the National Highway connecting Khuzdar and Karachi. The protest later concluded upon assurances from the local administration, leading to the reopening of the Quetta-Karachi Highway for traffic. The circumstances surrounding the incident remain under investigation.