Taliban Administration orders Beauty Salons in Afghanistan to close

Taliban Administration orders Beauty Salons in Afghanistan to close

In a disheartening development, the Taliban government in Afghanistan has issued a decree mandating the closure of beauty salons within a month, further restricting the already limited access Afghan women have to public spaces. This latest move adds to the series of oppressive measures imposed by the Taliban since their takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021.

According to Mohammad Sadiq Akif, the spokesperson for the Ministry for the Prevention of Vice and Propagation of Virtue, the deadline for the closure of women’s beauty parlors is set at one month, as mentioned in a notice issued by the ministry. The Taliban’s morality ministry has further instructed the Kabul municipality to enforce the new decree and revoke the licenses of women’s beauty salons.

This regressive step is in line with the Taliban’s previous actions, which include barring girls and women from secondary high schools, preventing women from pursuing higher education in universities and restricting their entry into various public spaces such as gyms, parks, and baths. Moreover, amidst the ongoing humanitarian crisis, the Taliban has also prohibited women from working with humanitarian organizations, exacerbating the dire circumstances faced by the country.

The repressive policies and practices of the Taliban have drawn condemnation from the United Nations, as well as regional and international organizations. It is worth noting that after the Taliban’s removal from power in late 2001, beauty parlors emerged in Kabul and other cities as symbols of progress and freedom. However, even when the Taliban regained control of Kabul, some of these salons continued operating discreetly, providing employment opportunities for women and serving their customers, albeit while concealing their signs and windows.

The recent closure of beauty salons is a testament to the Taliban’s persistence in suppressing women’s rights and obstructing any international recognition of their rule. Despite claims of respecting women’s rights in accordance with their interpretation of Islamic law and Afghan customs, the Taliban’s actions reveal systematic oppression and disregard for the fundamental rights and freedoms of Afghan women.

It is essential to highlight and challenge these regressive policies imposed by the Taliban, as they perpetuate gender inequality, limit women’s autonomy, and undermine the progress achieved in the past decades. The international community must continue to support Afghan women and advocate for their rights, urging the Taliban to reconsider their oppressive measures and prioritize the empowerment and inclusion of women in Afghan society.