Turkmenistan-Pakistan Gas Transport

Turkmenistan-Pakistan Gas Transport Via Afghanistan Approved by Kabul

The plan approved by the National Transit Committee for the transportation of gas and oil from Turkmenistan to Pakistan, passing through Afghanistan, has received the green light from the Office of Afghanistan’s Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs in Kabul. This momentous endeavor aims to invigorate economic growth and strengthen transit capabilities, with the implementation of the project poised to facilitate a seamless flow of gas and oil from Central Asia to South Asia. Consequently, this will result in a substantial boost in national revenue while propelling the development of Afghanistan’s transportation sector.

The Afghan Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC) also confirmed that the plan, which seeks to enhance economic prospects, has been endorsed by the economic deputy PM’s office. The transit of gas and fuel from North to South Asia is anticipated to generate increased revenue at a national level and spur the activation of the transport sector, thereby creating employment opportunities for the people of Afghanistan. This development aligns with the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (ACCI) assertion that additional facilities are required to foster trade with regional countries. The transportation infrastructure, as well as the people and customs offices of Afghanistan, stand to benefit significantly from these transit facilities, playing an integral role in the economic advancement of the nation.

However, some challenges persist within the transit sector, as reported by Afghan traders regarding Tariffs and customs offices. Nevertheless, Afghanistan remains an active exporter of its products, utilizing routes through Pakistan to reach India and leveraging connections with Central Asian nations to access European markets.