Two policemen martyred in Lakki Marwat attack

Two policemen martyred in attack on polio vaccination team

QUETTA: On Tuesday, a tragic incident unfolded in Quetta’s suburban area of Kili Nawa during the first day of the polio immunization drive in Balochistan. A polio vaccination team came under a brutal gun attack, resulting in the martyrdom of two police officers, according to the local authorities.

It is not the first time that extremist groups have targeted polio teams engaged in the crucial task of administering polio drops to children.

In this particular incident, the two volunteers in the polio vaccination team, who happened to be women, remained safe. However, tragically, the two police officers responsible for their security lost their lives on the spot.

Balochistan Chief Minister Abdul Quddus Bizenjo  expressed profound grief over the martyrdom of the brave policemen. He strongly condemned the attack, terming it a sinister conspiracy against the health and well-being of children.

Chief Minister Bizenjo recognized the significance of the polio vaccination campaign and the importance of protecting children from the devastating effects of the disease. He stated that certain anti-national elements aimed to undermine the campaign’s success to further their malicious agendas.

Calling for immediate action, he instructed the relevant authorities to launch a thorough investigation and utilize all available resources to apprehend those responsible for the attack. Swiftly bringing the culprits to justice would serve as a message that such heinous acts against polio vaccination teams and the safety of children would not be tolerated.