Couple killed in suicide blast in North Waziristan

Two soldiers injured in North Waziristan suicide attack

MIRALI: On Wednesday, a tragic incident unfolded in the North Waziristan tribal district as a suicide attack occurred, resulting in injuries to at least two security forces personnel. The attack took place in the Khadi area of Mirali Tehsil, specifically on the Miranshah-Mirali road.

According to sources, the assailant targeted a vehicle belonging to the security forces. The suicide bomber unleashed the attack, causing harm to two soldiers who were on duty in the area. The injured were swiftly transported to the Miranshah hospital for urgent medical attention.

In response to the distressing incident, security forces promptly arrived at the attack site and took necessary measures to secure the area. They swiftly established a cordon around the affected vicinity, ensuring the safety and protection of the surrounding area.

Furthermore, the security forces wasted no time in launching a comprehensive search operation in the region.