US Monitors Pakistan’s Election, Concerned Over Freedom

The US State Department has reaffirmed its close monitoring of Pakistan’s electoral process. It expressed concerns about violations of freedom of expression, assembly, and association. During a press briefing, State Department Spokesperson Vedant Patel emphasized the importance of broad participation in the general election.

He reiterated the US’s dedication to ensuring that Pakistan’s electoral process upholds principles of freedom and democracy.

“We are continuing to closely monitor Pakistan’s electoral process,” stated Patel. Ha said this emphasizing the importance of a transparent and inclusive election mechanism.

US Concerns

Patel voiced concerns about instances of violence and constraints on media freedom preceding the elections. He particularly highlighted worries regarding freedom of expression, including internet freedom, as well as peaceful assembly and association.

“Pakistanis should be able to exercise their fundamental right to choose their future leaders through free and fair elections without fear, violence, or intimidation”

Vedant Patel

Such violations, Patel said, cast doubt on the integrity of electoral process and undermine the basic rights of Pakistani citizens.

“Pakistanis should be able to exercise their fundamental right to choose their future leaders through free and fair elections without fear, violence, or intimidation,” Patel remarked.

The statements regarding US concerns about democracy and freedom of expression in elections came amid volatile security situations when news about restrictions on public rallies and suspending internet services lingers.

Internet Shutdown

Caretaker Information and Broadcasting Minister Murtaza Solangi affirmed on Tuesday that there would be no suspension of mobile or internet services on polling day, urging citizens to exercise their democratic right to vote wisely.

In a statement issued today, Solangi emphasized the significance of voting as a demonstration of patriotism and dedication to the democratic process in the country.

He stated that the government has not issued any directives to disrupt communication services during the electoral process.

Solangi stressed, “The freedom to communicate and access information is crucial for a fair and transparent election,”.

He reiterated the caretaker administration’s dedication to providing equal opportunities to political parties and ensuring fair competition in the electoral sphere.

Solangi also highlighted the role of the official media in offering comprehensive coverage to all political parties. He was stressing the importance of transparency and accountability in the electoral process.

In response to concerns about potential law and order issues on polling day, the federal minister assured that the local administration would take necessary measures in accordance with the law to maintain peace and security nationwide.

As the elections draw near, Solangi urges citizens to make informed decisions and actively participate in the elections.

Solangi’s assured uninterrupted communication services as the nation prepares for the upcoming polls. This reflects the government’s commitment to ensuring a free and fair electoral process. The core purpose is to enable citizens to exercise their democratic rights without impediment.