FO office confirms Afghan terrorists involvement in Zhob attack

FO confirms Afghan terrorists involvement in Zhob attack

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Foreign Office has strongly denounced the engagement of Afghan terrorists in recent terrorist assaults on Pakistani soil. In response to these troubling events, Pakistan has urged Afghanistan to promptly retrieve the bodies of the Afghan terrorists who were implicated in the Zhob attack.

As communicated by an official representative from the Foreign Office, a total of three Afghan terrorists were directly linked to the assault on the Zhob cantonment. These assailants, all of whom met their demise, were conclusively identified as Afghan nationals originating from the Kandahar province within Afghanistan.

Taking a proactive stance, the Foreign Office has formally asked the Afghan embassy to take immediate responsibility for repatriating the remains of these Afghan terrorists.

In a stern expression of concern, the spokesperson from the Foreign Office has conveyed deep alarm regarding the exploitation of Afghan territory as a base for orchestrating acts of terrorism within Pakistan. The statement also underscored the unsettling involvement of Afghan terrorists in a series of distressing terrorist activities within Pakistan’s borders.

Earlier, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had also expressed grave concern over involvement of Afghan nationals in terror activities in Pakistan and asked Afghan interim government to take action against terrorists. Similarly, the Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had also demanded of the Afghan authorities to take action  terrorists based in Afghanistan. He had said that Pakistan has right to take action inside Afghanistan in self-defence.