Former President Karzai welcomes UN Resolution on Special Envoy for Afghanistan

Hamid Karzai, the former president of Afghanistan, has welcomed the recent United Nations Security Council resolution appointing a special envoy for peace in Afghanistan.

The Security Council’s Resolution 2721 on Afghanistan, he said on Platform X on Tuesday, “represents respect for sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, national unity, and the alignment of the international community to ensure stability and development in Afghanistan.”

Pathways to Afghanistan’s prosperity, peace, and stability, according to Mr. Karzai, include “national understanding and representation of the people’s will,” women’s engagement in all facets of society, and access to education for both boys and girls.

He asserted that Afghans themselves hold the crucial responsibility to resolving issues and establishing enduring peace and stability in their country.

A few days prior, the Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared that the appointment of a special envoy for Afghanistan was “unnecessary” and that the government of this group was not involved in the drafting of this resolution. Mr. Karzai applauded this resolution.

On Friday, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution that was based on the “independent assessment and recommendations” provided by the organization’s special coordinator for Afghanistan, Feridun Sinirlioğlu.

Although Russia and China abstained, thirteen Security Council members supported the resolution.

The resolution proposes for the appointment of a special envoy for Afghanistan and urges the members of the Security Council as well as other regional and international actors to carry out Sinirlioglu’s proposals.

UN has been actively engaging in Afghanistan since the taliban takeover, monitoring the dire humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. 

On March 16, 2023, the UN Security Council unanimously approved two resolutions pertaining to Afghanistan. One of the resolutions asked for an independent evaluation of and recommendations for efforts to address the challenges facing that nation, while the other sought to extend the mandate of the UN special political mission for a year.

On April 27, 2023, the Security Council unanimously passed a resolution denouncing the Taliban’s decision to forbid Afghan women from volunteering for the UN in Afghanistan, citing violations of humanitarian norms and human rights.

The gallup survey of 2022 mentioned Afghanistan as the least secure country. It ranked afghanistan 51 most inseure country out of 120 countries.