Terrorism against Pakistan from Afghanistan: Khawaja Asif

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif asserted that terrorism against Pakistan is emanating from Afghanistan. Militants are utilizing Afghan territory to perpetrate attacks within Pakistan, following the loss of seven army personnel, including two officers, in a terrorist assault the previous day.

In a media address in Sialkot on Sunday, he emphasized, “Terrorism against us originates mostly from Afghanistan.” The casualties occurred during a terrorist assault on a security forces post in North Waziristan district on Saturday.

Pakistan has consistently accused Afghan authorities of failing to act against terrorist organizations, including the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), operating on Afghan soil and conducting cross-border attacks on Pakistani security forces and civilians.

During the press conference, Asif disclosed that agencies had identified certain terrorist facilitators, and Pakistan has raised the matter with the Afghan government, as reported by Radio Pakistan.

He reiterated the stance that “foreign nationals without valid documents will not be permitted to reside in Pakistan.”

Earlier, Information Minister Attaullah Tarar accused Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) social media team of orchestrating campaigns targeting the Pakistan Army and the martyred soldiers, warning of action against them.

Tarar condemned the derogatory social media campaign against the martyrs and their sacrifices, without naming PTI, hinting that those behind it may have connections with terrorists.

Asif questioned the surge in terrorism in Pakistan following the PTI government’s removal, attributing it to the alleged policy of facilitating the return of thousands of terrorists from Afghanistan and advocating for their reintegration into society.

In response, PTI senior leader Asad Qaiser criticized federal ministers for accusing his party of running a smear campaign against the martyrs, labeling it as misleading propaganda.

The caretaker government initiated a deportation campaign against illegal refugees, primarily Afghans, in November last year, following a rise in terrorist incidents.